Hey there, hi there

My work is directly influenced by the nature of campy kitsch, pop culture, and the never-ending search for some water-front property in the Uncanny Valley. It’s something with which I have been fascinated before I knew what it was, or that the concept had a name. I’m interested in how these campy, kitschy, pop phenomena correspond to me directly, and what role they play within society due to our overexposure to them. Vibrating color palettes, collages of objects, and varying amounts of humor are constant themes running through work I produce. Trained as a graphic designer, I’ve begun using my background to get off the computer and start creating experiences, and spaces with which you can interact physically and mentally. Utilizing the design skills I have honed over the years, these installations illustrate how I work and solve problems, where I draw inspiration from, all while maintaining the love of excess in which I've come to find comfort. The pairing of audacious colors and nostalgically simplified settings are merely the stage for the short snapshots of surreal creepiness,voyeurism, and hysteria for which I’m striving. I’m on the hunt for juxtapositions of content, and where you find the underlying humor within these situations.


I'd love to hear from you sometime: kla.campbell@gmail.com